The 3 Best Apps for Home Security

Without patrol teams and guard dogs, home security can be tricky to get right, so we’ve rounded up 3 of the best app-based alternatives to keep your home safe.

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You buy the home that you can afford after searching through properties upon properties to find the one that’s right for you in the nicest and safest neighbourhood possible. When you move in, you think you’re safe, being sure to get locks fitted on the windows, the doors and even the garage, but you know that that’s not a surefire guarantee for you, or your home’s protection. Unfortunately, security systems come at a hefty cost, particular nowadays when every home security monitoring system comes with automated locks and sensors and touchscreen wall panels that you just can’t afford. So here’s a substantially less expensive alternative – home security apps, to keep your home safe using just your computers and mobile devices. We’ve rounded up a trio of the best to keep your home secure.

1. iCam – Webcam Video Streaming

iCam, an app available for both iOS and Android devices, will only set you back by £2.99 (equivalent to around $5). For that tiny price, iCam boasts a multitude of live video features. As not everyone has the expensive luxury of round the clock CCTV monitoring, iCam is a great alternative. All you need is a computer and a webcam to install iCam onto, after which, it monitors the visible area, and will send you a notification should any motion be detected. Up to 12 live feeds can be watched via your mobile device over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. What cements iCam’s position on this list is that as well as some fantastic user reviews (over 75% are 4 or 5 star reviews), it also boasts national news coverage form the likes of CNN and The Today Show, meaning that this thing is good enough for the entire country to know about it.

2. iSentry

This one is perfect for anyone with an old iOS device sitting around gathering dust. iSentry is a free app that lets you turn any iPhone into a motion-sensing camera. All you have to do is install iSentry onto the iPhone, point the device in the right direction and allow it to sit there ready to inform you of any motion it detects. How it informs you is one of the main reasons as to why iSentry made the list. The app offers email notifications as it takes a picture and will send it to you, sound alerts and it can even upload captured images straight to if you don’t have time to rifle through your email inbox. iSentry also makes use of both the front and back cameras on the iPhone 4, for increased monitoring purposes.

3. Mobile Alarm System

The final entry on this list is the fairly self-explanatory ‘Mobile Alarm System’. Quite literally an alarm system for your mobile devices, Mobile Alarm System, while primarily functioning as a way of protecting your phone, is also incredibly handy in arming your home against intruders too. Another great way of making use of an old mobile phone, it will sound an alarm, silently take a picture, send a text, email or even call someone to inform them of an emergency. Mobile Alarm System utilises motion and sound detection making it one of the best home security apps out there as it can identify intruders if they unlock your phone, take it off charge or even if they make too much of a noise. Mobile Alarm System also comes in a Lite or Pro version (camera motion detection and protection against phone movement only available in the Pro version) so alongside the 1,000+ 5 star ratings the app has, the fact that the developers have thought of just about everything means that it deserves to be on this list.

Those are the best home security apps that we could find but reckon you have some home security app suggestions of your own? Get in touch and let us know.

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