SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress Plugin

SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress Plugin is now available, which effectively increases the interlinking within your WordPress blog, and provides many additional features and keyword options to continue and grow your SEO practices behind the scenes.

Many Bloggers are familiar with the world of SEO and the benefits it can provide if practiced correctly, thoroughly and continually. Moreover, if you are a WordPress Blogger, you are also familiar with the ever growing library of SEO plugins that aim at providing the answer to better SEO practices including building your Blog to unmatched proportion. The SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress Plugin works a bit different and helps your site grow automatically.

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The newest SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress Plugin created by Vladimir Prelovac gives many options to enhance your ongoing work and automatically build you additional links within your own content or external content you set it up for. With the variety of options available, any WordPress site owner can set the criteria for the interlinking desired, and the plugin will begin interlinking within your posts to relevant content.

Some of the immediate noticeable benefits of SEO Smart Links Premium is the interlinking within your own site, which creates automatic tags and connection between posts based on the settings you set up. This both increases the paths provided to a visitors and also increases SEO practices by creating more Tag pages, connections and adding relevant SEO Rank distribution. The advantage must also be remembered…the plugin does the interlinking for you. Furthermore, if you practice Affiliate Marketing, this new Premium SEO Plugin will also allow the use of Link Cloaking, so you can create advanced Affiliate links within all your previous posts and new ones that will be published.

How Does It Work?

seo smart links premium wordpress plugin

The SEO Smart Links Premium works automatically, creating the links based on the criteria you set, including developing the anchor text automatically based on the content. Based on the options you select, SEO Smart Links crawls your various posts, pages, categories and tags, and in turn adds contextual links where appropriate. Of course, the settings allow deeper personalization, such as limiting the amount of SEO links to a page, determining custom keywords that are more important and where to link them to, including maintaining interlinking or allowing specific external links. The premium SEO Plugin will then create the relevant text links within all your pages as you deemed necessary.

Since many site owners have different needs in regards to SEO practices and number of sites, so is this Premium SEO plugin offered as such. There are a variety of licenses available, with each providing additional of features and access for use on more websites. You can see a full list of features and accessibility options at the official SEO Smart Links Plugin Page. A few worthy features besides the main automatic interlinking include: adding nofollow attributes, UTF-8 support for sites in foreign languages, Statistics (amount of new links created, new tag pages, etc), and the ability to use the plugin on multiple websites you own or are working on for clients.

Purchasing any of the available SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress Plugins provides you a lifetime license, which includes both a 30-day trial and free updates when released.

About Vladimir Prelovac: a highly Experienced WordPress developer and CEO of Prelovac Media. He has continually created many enhancements for WordPress Bloggers including ManageWP, which allows the management of a number of WordPress Blogs through the use of one single Dashboard.