SesameTouch Portable Vault Stores Passwords, Verifies Payments

Having a gadget in your pocket that can handle both passwords and payments seems to be the very definition of convenience in the digital age. SesameTouch manages to do that and more.

The same way PayPal prevents you from disclosing your credit card or bank account information when making payments, SesameTouch does so on the go, but proves to be far more versatile. This digital life companion, as Trust Designer – its Lille, France developer – has called it, doubles as a password vault, works with both online (computer, tablet, smartphone) and offline (POS, validator) services, and is able to find your keys and help you pay for your transport.

Taking on the likes of Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay is not easy, yet the developers of SesameTouch think they can pull this one off:

“Imagine you could get logged to your bank account and pay online without entering your login, your card number, or your pin code. Imagine you could replace all your passwords and logins by a simple gesture. Imagine you could manage all your very personal data by storing them in a safe place only you can access. Imagine you could realize all those transactions not only with your smartphone but with any internet-connected device. SesameTouch is the next small thing that will make everything possible. With this connected companion you can pay without disclosing your bank number, you can get logged without using several logins and passwords. SesameTouch will make your digital life a safer and easier place.”

Trust Designer is looking to raise €100,000 (or $111,871) on Kickstarter, in order to turn SesameTouch into a reality. Backers can help the company achieve that by pledging a minimum of €49 ($55) as an early bird (sorry, folks, the very early bird spots are long gone), or €69 ($77) as a regular backer, within the next 31 days. Silver, Gold and Platinum versions would be available, with additional storage for encrypted files, but at a premium. Should the campaign prove successful, Trust Designer estimates that it would start shipping SesameTouch in March 2016. The only major drawback of this gadget is that if you lose it, you need to buy another one. As for the passwords or payment details stored on the lost one, those aren’t at risk, as they would continue to by protected by your fingerprint.

UPDATE: The SesameTouch crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter failed to meet the funding goal, and as a consequence, it cannot enter mass production now. Trust Designer might give this another try, look to other crowdfunding platforms, or might even choose a different route for manufacturing the digital life companion. However, the way a crowdfunding campaign ends is usually seen as a confirmation of a product’s potential, and given that not even 20% of the funding goal wasn’t pledged by backers, some might say that the developer didn’t built enough confidence.

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