Sexy Doctor Who TARDIS Inspired Corset

This inspired Doctor Who corset is a totally a geek chic outfit that can easily fit to my closet. TARDIS inspired corset – Whats not to like?

This custom made corset will not come in cheep since its available for  $225.00 but on the other hand how can you price awesomeness ? 🙂  If you buy this corset there’s no doubt that you’ll get your money’s worth since this corset is 100% custom made for your measurements. The pattern for this corset is custom designed as well and based on Victorian patterns but with a modern twist. The corset is designed to curve up the sides of the bust for a sexy flattering look.

The corset laces in the back with 2 piece silver grommets, which are smooth against the skin, and laces with matching blue satin ribbon.

To complete the look you can also purchase a matching skirt for additional 95$.

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