TARDIS Galore: 22 Tantalizing TARDIS Designs & Gadgets

It’s not the eccentric Doctor, it is not the manipulated mutants Daleks, it’s TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) the time machine that comes to your mind when Doctor Who is mentioned.The undisputed symbol of the popular TV series has become a big part of pop culture in England as well as somewhere else in the world, and “TARDIS” has become an official word to describe anything that seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. Many products and designs have been introduced to either celebrate or cultivate TARDIS’ popularity. Here are 22 coolest of them for Doctor Who fans.



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With undying love for Doctor Who and arcade games, Simon Jansen put a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) console inside a homemade TARDIS and created this killer TARDIS game arcade.

Speakal TARDIS iPod Speaker Dock Prototype


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Don’t let its modest appearance fool you, this unpredictable TARDIS police box is a multi-purpose iPod dock that triples as a Bluetooth speaker and an IR remote control. It is equipped with the dock connector in a pull-out tray at the bottom-front of the device, the stereo speaker drivers behind the front windows, the bass chamber inside the box, and the volume dial and power switch at the bottom.



This TARDIS box is not just a nice decorative piece to put on your desk, but also a powerful USB hub with 4 ports for those who like to work with multiple portable devices at the same time. The best part is when plugged to the computer, the top of the TARDIS lights up and creates the very sound that like the real TARDIS.

TARDIS MacBook Case


Just like the real TARDIS, these cozy TARDIS cases are spacious enough inside to accommodate not only iPhones or iPads but also 13″ MacBooks along with a mouse and several cords. They are made from two layers of polar fleece and feature black Velcro.

TARDIS iPhone Case


Featuring the distinct blue police box flying into a hyper-realistic swirling wormhole, the Doctor WhoTARDIS iPhone case will make your iPhone travel through time at $29.99.

TARDIS Bookshelf


The convenience of Internet and portable e-book readers nowadays has made bookshelves nothing more than just decorative pieces of furniture, until CaitlinsDad decided to revitalize the appeal of his bookshelf by turning it into a stunning TARDIS box.




There is no better way to start an eventful day with a power sip from these beautiful TARDIS mugs. The top of the time machine works practically as the lid to keep your coffee warm. The first one is up for grab at $15.99, while the second one is a little bit more pricey at $18.99 each.

Heat Changing TARDIS Mug


This heat changing TARDIS mug is an interesting design that will make you enjoy your coffee and have some fun at the same time. When hot liquid is poured in, the mug senses the temperature and changes the image: the TARDIS suddenly disappears from the streets of London and reappears in the space.

TARDIS Ice Bucket


A perfect replica of the troublesome TARDIS the time machine, the TARDIS ice bucket is a little device that will add a lot of fun to your party as well as any chill out.

TARDIS Cookie Jar


The TARDIS cookie jar is no ordinary jar, it is a real creation from outer space and it can actually talk! The light and sound effects are activated when you push down the lamp or close the lid.

TARDIS Birthday Cake


This is how a true Doctor Who should celebrate his/her birthday: to get an awesome Doctor Who birthday cake that features the time traveling machine TARDIS struggling against two extraterrestrial mutants Daleks.

Gingerbread TARDIS


On its trip to Earth in December 2010, the chameleon time machine decided to turn itself into gingerbread form to blend in the atmosphere of Christmas. The gingerbread TARDIS looks absolutely realistic with windows and a functional door.



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I wonder if Doctor Who fans will appreciate the idea of turning their beloved blue traveling box into a public toilet, but the owners of the Doctor Who–themed Steampunk bar in New York definitely hope that this TARDIS toilet will bring in more customers.

TARDIS Garden Sheds


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For many of us who grew up with video games and Internet, garden sheds might be an unfamiliar concept. Basically, a garden shed is a place where you store gardening equipments and take a rest. If you love gardening, you’d better make your garden shed as cool as those TARDIS garden sheds here.



Beware of what is behind the TARDIS door. It, of course, does not open to an normal police call box, but to a true dent of geeks. The TARDIS door is an improvised version from an ordinary door by a die hard Doctor Who fan and a skillful craftsman.

Levitating TARDIS


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If you have ever felt like stuck at your desk, you’ll immediately see the benefit of this toy. The levitating TARDIS floats in mid-air with the power of magnets, and spins around with a gently flick of finger to immediately take you out on a trip through time and space.

TARDIS Nesting Doll


The TARDIS nesting doll is much spacious than it looks. The proof is that it can house 11 reincarnations of the Doctor, all in nesting doll form of different sizes, thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship of Molly Lewis.

Lego TARDIS Panel


JustJon’s TARDIS panel is not just a beautiful Lego creation but also a refined demonstration of advanced Lego techniques. JustJon used SNOT or Studs Not On Top technique to put the white bricks and blue plates sideways, and managed to reposition the lower blue sections to the center within the holes just below the windows.

Balloon TARDIS


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It took Chris Florey 250 balloons and about 12 hours to finish this crazy TARDIS creation as an entry for BBC America’s Where’s the TARDIS competition. The result is absolutely worth it.



Everybody loves TARDIS, but few commit to TARDIS enough to get a tattoo of the time machine on her skin like what this girl did. According to her, the TARDIS tattoo represents the travels that she has made, as well as the travels in the future.

TARDIS Costume


Designed by Lesather, this amazing TARDIS costume will give you a geeky makeover and make you a hit at any party. Recommended for girls only.