The Best Mother’s Day Infographics

Happy Mother’s Day! There’s a lot of interesting  data when it comes to Mother’s Day, including how much money we spend each year, what’s the number one present our moms want the most and much more cool information.

As we all know, Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood. Typically, to honor this occasion, we buy gifts for mom.

Here at Walyou, we believe that the best way to explore this data with infographics. We gathered the best infographics from Below are 8 infographics that will teach you a new thing or two about this day.

Interesting Facts About Mother’s Day

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Everything You Need To Know About Mother’s Day

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What Mom Wants For Mother’s Day

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New Zealand’s Top 10 Mother’s Day

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2012 Mother’s Day Spending

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Mother’s Day Sale Trends

Mother’s Day Perfect Gift

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Father’s Day vs Mother’s Day

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