Shoot Those Annoying Bugs Dead with a Shotgun

More often than not, the urge to kill an annoying bug is usually satiated by few futile claps in the air and it’s only then that we let our imagination run wild and think of ways to kill the nemesis.

An ardent bug hater Lorenzo Maggiore seems to have gone too far with this itch which pushed him to create a shotgun specially designed to knock down bugs and flies.

Since it is being marketed as a shotgun it evokes the fear of us getting hit, but that should be the least of your concerns as it uses salt to annihilate bugs and is incapable of causing any kind of injury to humans. With just a pinch of salt there stands a chance for you to silence that buzzing sound of a bug forever and revel in the victory! Its quirky design can easily make it pass for a water pistol and can easily get anyone addicted to killing bugs.

Lorenzo Maggiore wants to commercialise his creation and hence he is using the fundraising website, IndieGOGo to gather enough funds. He needed $15,000 to materialize this concept and as it turns out killing bugs appeals to most of us, the creator of BugASalt has gathered $62,000 so far. This amount is only expected to rise since there are more 45 days left for the fundraising campaign to end. If you hold a very strong grudge against bugs and flies and only their extermination can bring you that sigh of relief then you can place a pre-order for just $30 to get your own BugASalt.

You could also go ahead and take a look at the Robotic Venus Fly Trap, which eats up all the real bugs out there. The application makes sure that your computer bugs are annihilated. So go ahead, and begin to exterminate those annoying bugs and flies!