Skateboard Fans for the Adventurer at Home

If you live in a place where it remains warm throughout the year, you might end up getting ceiling fans fixed just to avoid expensive electricity bills associated with air-conditioning.

It has never been said that ceiling fans are aesthetically pleasing and in many countries, they even suggest something as dark and gloomy as suicides. However, the Skateboard Fan is something that tries to brighten up rooms which require ceiling fans. Skateboards denote adventure, freedom and a rebellious attitude that comes with youth and energy.

Likewise, these fans that are built with skateboards are meant to denote that independence and freedom which ceiling fans are certainly not known for. Notlabs at Notcot has featured several images that reveal the story of this amazing fan being built. You might want to replicate it at your home in your free time if you can afford to make a few mistakes.

While you are at it, you might even want to try various shades and colors while choosing your skateboards so that the resulting fan not only symbolizes energy, youth and freedom but is also visually appealing. You might also want to take a look at these Avant-garde Skateboard Sculptures that we featured sometime ago, and I am sure you will love them.