The Simpsons as Spider-Man Characters

If you believe in a Multiverse, somewhere in an alternate dimension, there’s a universe where all of Spider-Man’s villains, and Spider-Man himself, all look like characters from the Simpsons.

According to Terryv83, or actually Terry Ververgaert, the idea to draw this came from an old sketch he made in high school of a couple of characters (we don’t know who), and he just simply expanded it into the cool thing that it is today. There are two questions that remain: Why Milhouse Van Houten as Spider-Man? There had to be a better choice, right? And, if Milhouse is this universe’s Peter Parker, Lisa Simpson has to be either Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy.

Spiderman Simpsons

For the rest of the characters, starting from the left, bottom: Edna Krabappel is Black Cat; Groundskeeper Willie is Kraven the hunter; Comic Book Guy is Rhino; Ralph Wiggum is Sandman; Homer is Kingpin; Professor Frink is Doctor Octopus; Nelson is Venom; Bart is Shocker; Wolfcastle is Tombstone; Seymour Skinner is JJ. Top, from the left: Moe is the Green Goblin; Mr. Burns is the Vulture; Disco Stu is Mysterio and Sideshow Bob is Electro.

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