12 Amazing Drawings of Spider-Man Villains

In honor of the release of the new Spider-man flick, originally named ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, with a new villain (The Lizard) to lead off the franchise’s reboot, here are some of the best artworks on the web made by fans of Villains from the Spider-Man comics.

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Black & White art by chriss2d.

Art by HarryBuddhaPalm. For the life of me, I never understood why Marvel turned Norman Osbron to one of the most important villains in their universe for about a year.

Doctor Octopus

Art by isikol, apparently.

Art by Darkest-of-Days, which somehow made someone named Otto Octavius look rather damn cool.


Art by PACkO-MX, who did a rare thing regarding Venom art, which is usually only about the full symbiote outfit and not  the way to there.

Art by nebezial. For some reason, Venom makes the best subject for comic book concept art, at least among Marvel villains.


Art by Mr-DNA.

Art by TuaX, someone really worth checking out for his awesome Spider-man art.

The Lizard

Art by logicfun.


Art by nebezial, who also did the fine art of venom we showed earlier.


Art by MarteGracia, who made one of the lamest Spider-man villains look completely awesome.

Kraven the Hunter

Art by punchyninja, bringing out the best of the villain that was responsible for the best spider-man storyline ever, Kraven’s last hunt.