Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

I think I just found the perfect present for dudes, admit it! deep down you wish you had this! When it comes to spending time in the john, let’s be frank guys, for some reason you can be there for hours, so I won’t be surprised that if you had this stand, you would probably be there for days…

I’ve  seen my share of iPad stands and to be honest this is by far the most creative and unique one I’ve seen.  It serves 2 major functions, holding your iPad and holding the TP, Very important. Now, you don’t need to wonder where to place the iPad while you’re in the bathroom, now your iPad has a special place of its own.

Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

The stand is easily adjusted so you can set the iPad to any orientation, angle or position, since its made from chrome pedestal not only  will it add some chic and style to your bathroom it will also keep it’s brightness and strength for much more time. Its heavy base is designed to make sure it doesn’t flip over once docking the iPad. The stand weights around 7 pounds and measures 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 32 inches. This useful stand can be yours for $41.32 For more iPad stands check out the Slim and Portable iPad Stand,  iPad Stand Made from Pencils and the Steampunk iPad Stand.


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