Pokédex Decal Kit for the Nintendo 3DS

Easily turn your Nintendo 3DS into a Pokédex with this sweet-looking decal.

Pokedex decal red 3DS XL image

Etsy shop GameThemedThings has quite the large selection of cool decals for the Nintendo 3DS. Many of them pleasantly Nintendo-themed, but I’m willing to bet for journeying Pokémon trainers working to become the very the best, the best that ever was (that song haunts me in my sleep) this latest one stands out like a Pikachu lightning bolt.

It is an awesome vinyl decal kit for the 3DS that turns the handheld into the portable Pokémon database that’s standard issue for anyone trying to ascend the ranks to become a master of all pocket monsters, the Pokédex. It’s a good fit too, seeing how a 3DS, especially the red-colored 3DS XL, pretty much resembles a Pokédex from the get go.

Pokedex decal kit for red 3DS 3DS XL image

Oh and remember, the 3DS also offers a downloadable Pokédex app for free, so if you want to take this simple, no digging out the screwdrivers or soldering iron conversion to a higher level of authenticity you certainly can and should. And don’t worry if your system is of a different color, being decals they can fit whatever brand of Nintendo hardware you own.

I would so rock that… Heck, I bet Gary Oak already does with his 3DS. Drat you, Gary Oak! Gosh drat you! Why are you always a step a head of everything I do!

Uh, anyway, you can rock your own 3DS with this decal by, again, heading over to GameThemedThings. Afterwards, be sure to come on back to Walyou for all your nerd-centric needs like Master Chief Stained Glass Lamps and inflatable solar lanterns.