Skarp Laser Razor Brings Shaving to the 21st Century

Following the principle that “lasers make everything better,” Skarp Technologies invented an incredibly impressive razor that burns facial hair with laser beams, instead of cutting it.

Skarp, which is Swedish for ‘sharp,’ is the first of its kind, as until now no one hasn’t been able to conceive a shaving razor without blades. The safest bet was to increase the number of blades (I’m looking at you, Gillette!), but Skarp Technologies ditched them altogether and went an entirely different route: lasers. With a life of 50,000 hours, the Skarp razor should provide men countless opportunities to get rid of their facial hair. On top of that, this 21st century razor, despite being powered by lasers, it doesn’t have any of the complications typically associated with laser hair removal.

Skarp Technologies describe their product as the biggest evolution shaving has seen in the past 5000 years, and seeing that long list of benefits the Skarp Razor brings along, it’s easy to understand why:

“The Skarp Razor is the future of shaving! At first glance it looks like a traditional razor. But that is where the similarity ends. Shaving has been using essentially the same technology for 5000 years.

To make any real progress, we needed to take a radical new approach. The Skarp razor is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave. There are many benefits to using the Skarp Razor including:

• No scratches
• No razor burn
• No infection
• No itch
• No accidental cutting
• No irritation
• Effortless smooth stroke
• No painful waxing or messy depilatory creams
• Incredibly close & smooth shave
• No expensive cartridges replacements
• Little to no water usage
• Environmentally friendly”

The Skarp Razor is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where its inventors want to raise $160,000 so that the product enters mass production. Considering the insane amount of money a Skarp Razor could help men save in the long run, pledging $189 for a single piece doesn’t seem that far-fetched, anymore. Deliveries are expected to start in March 2016, if everything goes according to plan with this crowdfunding campaign. It shouldn’t take long after that until Skarp finds its way to retailers, so if you miss this opportunity, you’ll still have a chance to get one, albeit at a higher price.

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