Lego Cthulhu Diorama Sets Are Just As Morbid

H.P. Lovecraft was not just a horror writer but a deep thinker who could understand the mysteries of the world in his own quirky manner.

Cthulhu, the most famous character he ever created is now immortalized in LEGO by enthusiasts who would like to see official versions of the character in LEGO. However, that is not likely to happen and the search for fan made Cthulhu scenes and dioramas continue to appear online.

Here are several of such dioramas that will make you go ahead and shop for a number of building blocks yourself so that you can build something that is as horrifying and mysterious as H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. If you didn’t know, H.P. Lovecraft thought of the world and the universe as an incredibly bright place though we tend to assume that he thought it was a dark place.

The irony lies in what he actually meant by that. He meant to say that the world is so bright that if we ever get to know the reality or if we opened our eyes to know what teh truth is, we would either go blind or we would go completely crazy. That is worse than imagining the world to be dark and dreary.

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