Skype Shows Off New iPad App

Skype’s official iPad App has been missing since the iPad’s debut over a year ago. After a long wait, Skype has not only developed a native iPad App but has already submitted it to Apple. While the iPhone App could be used, a lot of tablet specific features were missing and the interface did not scale well.

The video you see above? Yea, that’s really Skype for the iPad. While Skype retains all the basic functionality of its little mobile brother, the App combines everything great about the desktop version with the iPad’s native interface.

Video calling and an iPad optimized interface are some of the things being pushed in this latest update. Skype also goes toe-to-toe with Apple’s native video chat functionality dubbed FaceTime but allowing 3G calls alongside Wifi as Apple currently supports Wifi based chatting.

However, the App doesn’t support file sharing as integration within iOS according to Skype. This could be due to how iOS handles files and Steve’s vision of each App controlling the display and manage of its own data.

So, when can you get the App? Tuesday according to multiple sources.