Sleek Audio SA1 Earphones and Kleer Wireless System [Hands-on Review]

Sleek Audio’s reputation as a leading company for high quality sound and superb music innovation is growing rather quickly, even for being a company that is still not even a decade old. With their line-up of custom earphones that have super wireless capabilities and magnificent sound, they are definitely making waves; most recently at CES 2011 with a 50 Cent collaboration.

Sleek Audio provides amazing sounding and looking customized earphones. The various models can be dissembled, allowing the customization of the sound and/or replacement of a damaged section. The actual earphone pieces can have their dynamic driver removed and exchanged with a different one in order to provide extra bass, more treble or customize the right and left earphones as to the specific individual’s desires. Moreover, the earphones can also be unplugged from their cables if replacement is necessar. Instead of having to fork out for a brand new pair of expensive earphone for great sound, you simply replace a section. Pretty nifty.

sleek audio sa1 earphones hands on review

In addition to providing the ability to purchase specific parts for customizing the sound or replacing damaged areas, the earphones can also be removed as to be able and mount them to the Kleer Wireless system for superb sound without the cables and hassle. Yes, Sleek Audio wireless technology grants a lightweight, efficient and comfortable way to enjoy your music on the go without having a cable tug at you, take up space or get in the way.

We got our hands on the Sleek Audio SA1 model along with the Wireless adapter and were simply blown away by the sound quality and the Wireless capability. Although SA offer additional models of earphones, the SA1 are just stunning both in appearance and sound.

sleek audio wireless tech system hands on review

The SA1 are tiny earphones designed with a Rosewood body, which is simply an added bonus for music enthusiasts. While being a small set of earphones, they still pack a punch to provide volume and clarity, and with the added dynamic drivers, one could further experiment for their ideal sounds without compromising on quality. These same earphones also include a variety of ear adapters to provide for an enhanced fit and comfort.

The Kleer Wireless system from Sleek Audio was the perfect addition for the review, for we simply weren’t sure what to expect: will it still provide high quality? will it be comfortable? will it skip a beat? The answers: Yes to High Quality, Yes to comfort and no, it did not skip a beat. 😉 The audio technology behind the wireless system is clear, efficient and provides a great solution for a wireless lover. The system arrives with a dongle to plug in your Smartphone, MP3 Player, iPod or other gadget along with the System to plug the SA earphone in, so you are left with Wireless music system that works amazingly.

Sleek Audio SA1 Earphones run for $79.99 and come with the many ear adapters, an extra set of tuning ports and a protective pouch to keep your SA earphones protected. If you are also interested in the Wireless system, then both can come together bundled for only $169.99.

As Sleek Audio mention, you have just spend a lot of money on a music player, a custom case, a docking station, a music library and you are listening to it all with $5 earphones…doesn’t seem right does it?

sleek audio hands on review earphones wireless