SpongeBob Terminator Lego

SpongeBob Squarepants is usually such a goofy, funny and adorable character, but thanks to the power of Lego, it has been created into a killing machine: the Terminator. terminator spongebob lego

This is an amazing Lego project from Rack911 that is also a bit freaky. It redefines Spongebob as a not so innocent cartoon character we only seen smiling before. Moreover, besides being scared of it, we also get to see under its sponge 😉

spongebob terminator lego art

terminator spongebob lego design

For other great freaky terminators, check out the Lego Terminator Bust or the Terminator Bearbrick.

spongebob terminator lego design

spongebob terminator lego

Via: BrothersBrick