Smart Boxing Gloves prove you can’t be messed with

This might not be a scouter from Dragon Ball Z, but it gets pretty close: it’s a pair of smart boxing gloves that measure just how strong your hook is.


All kinds of items are getting the “smart” treatment, and now it’s the turn of boxing gloves. This set, deemed the iPunch (which you can support before it launches via Indiegogo) is something you’d want to bring to any training session. The gloves connect via bluetooth to a smartphone, which uses an app to measure how fast and hard you’re punching. Well, does it measure in megatons? Because we are not holding back.

The idea came from the mind of Stephen Cains from Responsive Sports, who had been doing boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for 16 years. Cains, stumped at his lack of progress just crammed some sensors in his gloves, and headed to the gym. Once he tried them out, realized that everyone wanted to try them on too.

The iPunch does more than just measure, though, and can also give audible directions which keep changing according to your progress. Also? It adds a competitive feature where users measure themselves against others using the app: each participant gets three punches, and the strongest one wins. The product will be available for backers of the indiegogo campaign for $139, but once they’re doing mass production, they’ll retail for $149.

Source: Mashable

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