The 17 Coolest Smart Home Gadgets

Our homes are getting more and more modern with time, and as our lives keep getting easier (albeit more expensive), we can’t help but look at the future with wonder and hope. 

LG Smart Thinq

There was a time when we looked at Back to the Future 2 and wondered what 2015 would look like, and which ones of their predictions would come to pass. Turns out, the flashiest ones like self-lacing shoes or hoverboards didn’t (or kinda did but not really), but a lot of them (video conferences, instant food, and a few more) did. Still, despite all of this, what is most interesting is that most of the world today is filled with things director Zemeckis and his team wouldn’t even have thought about – the world of the Internet of things, and smart gadgets. The idea behind these is to automatize or ease tasks that are or were much more complex, and instead of having to do things yourself, have your home work to keep you comfortable instead. Read on to learn about futuristic gadgets and how they change and will keep changing our lives in the near future.

Smart Gadgets for Comfort

The really cool thing about smart gadgets and the Internet of things is the idea of automation, and to see how the house can make you more comfortable instead of you having to go around the place making sure that things are where they should for your peace of mind. Some of this gadgets might seem superfluous or unnecessary, but when you’re buying them, you’re buying a life-style of not having to care about the small things.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat


Smart thermostats can regulate the temperature of your home by detecting the weather outside and acting in consequence, keeping our homes in between whatever temperatures we choose. Users can set a max temperature, and a minimum one so it never grows too hot or cold. Furthermore, users can set the temperature from outside their homes with their respective smartphones, so the house is already warm or cold by the time they arrive. Out of all the gadgets that fulfill this role, our favorite is the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

Flux Smartbulb

With smartbulbs users can automate the color, intensity and even time lights go on inside their homes. Users can control from their smartphones how intense a bulb should be, configure shades, and even synchronize it with music, which is particularly cool in party situations. Also, bulbs can be grouped to perform actions together, and give your home a more cozy feel.

Funlux Waterproof Home Security Camera System

FunLux Home Security System

If you have this many smart gadgets at home, you probably will try the hardest to keep them safe. One way of using technology for that is using systems such as the Funlux Security Cameras. The system includes a series of HD capable cameras that can be controlled remotely by scanning a QR code, which is really easy to set up. Users can then control it with a free app that will notify users on their phones whether there is any movement thanks thanks to its Motion Detection system.

Sleepace Reston Sleep Monitor

Sleepace Reston Sleep Monitor


The Sleepace Reston Sleep Monitor is, just like its name hints at, a smart sleep tracker capable of comprehensive sleep analysis and expert guidance for personal sleep. Basically, it measures how well you sleep and then gives you guidance to achieve better resting parameters. Nowadays, a lot of smartphones do exactly that, so you might consider those too, but having a separate sleep monitor means that you can recharge your smartwatch at night, and don’t have to wear anything on you when you go to sleep as this baby uses its own sensors instead. You just need to clip the Sleepace to your sheets, and let it do its job.


Samsung AddWash

Samsung Addwash

The Samsung AddWash is the washing machine you dreamed of but didn’t know you wanted.  This baby is a fantastic washing machine that allows users to add clothes at any point of the washing cycle, so if you realize you need something right away, you don’t need to start everything from the top or wait until the cycle ends. The Korean giant has also promised that soft and delicate fabrics will be better cared for than ever, but the first bit already sounds more than promising. This washing machine is coming out in late 2015 in Europe, and there is no word on when it might come to America… but it totally should.

Amazon Echo


Amazon’s Echo is a device that responds to voice, as if it was a sci-fi computer from tv shows. The idea is that Echo should be able to answer your questions from anywhere in the room, get information for you, check scores of matches, play music, report on traffic, or anything else you might want by connection to the cloud. Echo can even keep track of your appointments so it’s even more like a companion and an assistant. In the end, you should think as Amazon’s Echo as a Siri that doesn’t drain your smartphone, and can help you automatize stuff at home.

Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Speaker

Divoox Aurabox Bluetooth speaker

Big stereos are a thing of the past, and now smaller devices offer just as much punch in a smaller package, with better fidelity. This baby is a bluetooth speaker that can stream media from any device of your choosing with some of the best bass enchantment technology in the market. The Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth Speaker features both iOS and Android compatibility, and third party music apps on top. This gadget is perfect if you are having a BBQ or small party and need music outside of the house, as you can stream whatever you like in great quality from services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and many other services.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart gadgets have the capacity to ease our life, and not need us around as they automatically set things up, so we can get to our homes after a long day and only work on what we like. These are some of the coolest appliances for the kitchen.

Internet Refrigerator

LG Smart Thinq

A tendency for the future is creating fridges that are capable of tracking what food is stored inside them so you can check what’s for dinner without opening the fridge. What is more, the fridge will keep track of the food’s expiration dates, and let users know when certain meals just aren’t viable anymore. This is truly a new idea, and not many companies are on board with the concept yet, but Samsung, LG and Whirlpool among others are the first ones that seem to be experimenting with what are good features, and what is superfluous. Regardless, keep this in mind for the future, for if Google Express (Google’s groceries delivery service) takes off, it might be even more automated. Can you imagine that? Your fridge ordering food for you and robots delivering it? It really doesn’t get more futuristic than that.

Breville Quick Touch Microwave Oven

breville microwave oven

The Breville Microwave Oven is a fantastic alternative for users who have a more dynamic approach to cooking. This beauty’s main draw is its ability to let users change program, and thereforce power and time on the fly during the cooking cycle, with more than 10 presets to get the consistency just right. The smart part comes whn the Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook function automatically adjusts cooking time to match the food being cooked so users don’t have to read instructions and try to figure them out anymore. It even comes with the “A Bit More” button, a special feature which can add a little extra cooking time whenever it’s needed.



SomaBar is a robot bartender that will make drinks for you. Most of us can’t mix a drink for the life of us, so having a robot that prepares cocktails for us instead sounds like a fantastic treat. The menu includes some 300 different drink options which you can choose from (although you will need to provide it with the drinks before the magic happens). It’s not like this baby is absolutely life-changing like many of the other gadgets here, but it’s a fun, silly thing you can show to your guests, and then have some drinks afterwards. Kind of like a toy for adults, right?

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Cofee Bean Grinder

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Cofee Bean

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro Cofee is a dream come true for coffee fans, a machine capable of preparing the finest coffee while minimizing the grinding heat and thus protecting the essential oils in the each bean. You can make over 60 types of coffee from Espresso to French Press Grind with an electronic timer to program and find just the right moment for a consistent dose every time.

Smartphones & Personal Wear

Automating is the name of the game, and parting from that premise, smartphones are nowadays sort of the remote control for real life. Smart gadgets kind of need, as a prerequisite, to interact with these so users can control what is going on in their homes from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the most popular ones, namely the most modern smartphones running Android and iOS respectively.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s, just like every iPhone before it, is the undisputed king among smartphones. With the might of Apple, its fantastic camera and iOS software, it has quickly become the most sought out phone in the market, and we can’t blame the masses. Its screen is fantastic, it is incredibly fast, and over-all works fantastically well, with the (really cool) extra that everyone in the app market wants to develop for it, so the world kind of revolves around it. Having an iPhone has sort of become a symbol of status by itself, but beyond that, it’s a fantastic phone that does everything incredibly smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy s6

Samsung has been Apple’s fiercest competitor for years, and a true representation of the might of Android powered devices. Their latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was a major hit for them by bringing a fast, reliable phone to the table with access to one of the biggest app marketplaces ever, which only keeps growing in time. While other phones from other developers (LG, Motorola, Huawei) do really cool things on their own, it is Samsung who has configured themselves at the top of the Android world, and always shows the tech-world what will come next. What makes Samsung’s models special is their tendency to add their own spin on the Android software with a suite of exclusive but useful apps, and several customization options that are just incredibly neat. With Samsung, it’s not like one size fits all, but you can truly make the device yours.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple jumped into the smartwatch market in full force with the Apple Watch, a wrist watch capable of running all kinds of apps and enhance your workouts and lifestyle. With this gadget you may check text messages, social media, and all kinds of webs along with performing a bunch of tests on the fly to let you know how fast your heart is beating, or whether you should stand up after sitting for a bit too long. This device works best when paired with an iPhone, and it’s already a smash hit amongst the health conscious consumers for all the things it can do for the user.

Motorola Moto 360

Moto 360

Motorola is the one that better understood the concept of a smartwatch and did something revolutionary with it. The Moto 360 is, just like the Apple Watch, a powerful wristwatch capable of running social apps and health related hardware and software to help the users lead better, more active lifestyles. There are several ways to control it, and you can use your voice or its fantastic screen to see whatever it is you need. It can do many things, but it is the Moto Body suite where it excels, and it helps you count calories, track your vitals, and plan your workouts so you’re always performing at your best.

Smart Cars

We spend so much time in our cars every day that one might consider them a second home. Even if you don’t, though, the point is that the innovation that comes from the “smart” lifestyle has already reached cars, and has all of the same staples and philosophy from its home counterparts: making life easier for the users, and providing a “greener” alternative to everyday life issues. If you’re looking for a more silent car, not spending money on gas and helping the environment in the most comfortable possible way, this is the investment you need to make.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Model X is a brand of cars by Tesla released last october, at least in the Fremont region in California. This new vehicle is a completely green alternative that balances both performance and environment for $132,000 USD. These cars can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, but there’s even an extra option called “Ludicrous mode” for some extra $10.000 that cranks the dial to eleven, and brings the acceleration to 60 down to 3.2 seconds.

The model X also has some other interesting features. Thanks to its Tesla software version 7.0, it can drive itself or detect the user thanks to their smartphone so the car can unlock itself or pick the driver up from their home. Also, thanks to its sensors on the side, the Model X is prepared so it never hits other cars or objects on the side.

e-Tron Quattro


Audi’s latest concept is meant to compete head to head with Testla’s offerings, and hence the birth of the e-Tron Quattro concept, the first car by the company under the Aerosthetics concept, to the point of not having rear view mirrors and use cameras instead. This car has some 500 kilometers of range, a bit more than Tesla’s Model X, and was first introduced in Frankfurt 2015 Motorshow. This car is going to be released in 2018 and is going to be one of the cars that best balances comfort and performance. One more thing to take note of, the e-tron quattro concept is not a permanent name, and it name says, just a concept so far.

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