Your smartphone can replace measuring tape too

Is there anything smartphones can’t do? If your answer was along the lines of “well, they can’t take proper measures of things”, you can tick that off of your list, now.


A new app developed by Smart Picture Technologies is about to to make our lives so much easier. By taking pictures of an object with it, the app proceeds then to generate a Smart Picture, on which you can choose any two points, and the app will tell you the distance between them. Some other apps might have promised to do this in the past, but now, this seems the real deal. By using Google’s Project Tango devices as the hardware, the app creates 3d models in real time which really does help with the accuracy issues. See how it works in the video below:

The app is set to launch in 2015, as the company explains on their website, and if you’re into knitting, cosplaying or sewing, might just be ultimate tool for you. Now, if only we could turn our phones into something with the capacity to weigh stuff…

Via: Technabob

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