SmartTap Lets You Shower in Style

What could be better than a long and relaxing shower that is customized to suit your body temperature?


Well, it may not be very unrealistic if we consider Israeli engineer Asaf Shaltiel’s e-shower mechanism. The novel shower mechanism is smart in its real sense and automatically controls temperature, pressure and flow of water. What’s more, the calibration can be done through a Wi-Fi network and one does not have to push buttons in the shower.

This ensures that the water is ready even before you step inside the bathroom. The digital controller connects with the processor of the shower and ensures that you have a relaxing and warm bath. The product is called SmartTap and is already installed in a couple of Tel Aviv hotels. Apart from its comfort, it also ensures that water is not wasted and that muscles and tissues of a person are relaxed. The SmartTap may not be commercially available at the moment but is certainly one of the coolest gadgets to watch out for.

However, I think there have been a number of showerheads that are similarly smart and have been featured on a number of home improvement blogs. If you look around, you might actually find something similar already being sold in your town or some place nearby. At the end of the day who wouldn’t want a relaxing shower without going through the trouble of adjusting temperature and force of the water flow?

Some of the more glamorous shower heads that we have previously listed ate the Spaces OLED Showers. If you are a huge Doctor Who fan, do take a look at the TARDIS Shower as well. Meanwhile, I really like the idea of being able to control temperature, force and pressure of the water flow from a distance using the Wi-Fi networks available.