Shower Anywhere You Please with the Spaces OLED Shower

You’re showering somewhere else, but you’re actually just in the privacy of home. This unique shower was designed to create visions of various ambiances to relax to.

Spaces Shower 1

Ever thought of showering on the shores of a white sand tropical beach? How about amidst the greenery of a rainforest? The Spaces OLED Shower conceptualized by Steffen Gramsch Design explores the possibility of varying the environments in a shower stall, transforming them to any scenery the user pleases.

The OLED or organic LED is integrated into the shower walls. When powered on, the lights display any view you wish to shower to – be it under the sea among the fish or even across the galaxy among the stars. Or how about hooking it up to the TV so you can shower while watching the news?

Spaces Shower 2

There are many benefits of using OLED, among them being its versatility. OLED is energy efficient, and does not emit any harmful infrared or ultraviolet light. And because OLED panels are thin and flexible, they can easily be shaped to fit on furniture and other home fixtures. In this case, the OLED is cool to the touch, is waterproof, and follows the curvature of a shower stall.

Where can you get this setup, and how much does it cost? The design firm has yet to announce where and when the Spaces OLED Shower will be made available. But for now, it’s a fun concept.

Steffen Gramsch operates his own design firm in Dresden, Germany. Among their specialties are modern furnishings including interior lighting, chairs, and kitchen ware. They also do CAD consultations, construction, as well as industrial design projects. This Spaces OLED shower is only one of their concepts that may soon be seen in specialty home furnishing stores.

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Via Yanko Design