Gridcase Reactor Cranks Up iPhone 5’s Battery

In case you miss dynamos and retro methods of generating energy, the Gridcase Reactor will satisfy your need and your nostalgia. The device generates power, while also protecting the iPhone 5 from physical shocks.

As much as I despise Apple and all of its products, I still envy iPhone users for the great number of accessories that they get. The iPhone accessories market is not only filled with functional docks and back-up batteries, but also with cases that sometimes even double as integrated power generators. Such is the case with Gridcase Reactor, an iPhone 5 case that combines the two.

One of the most important things manufacturers of anything must do in order to survive is to bring something new to the table. Gridcase points out that its Reactor is not only the first product ever to combine a case and a dynamo, but also a very slim one, at that. The boost battery features between 15% and 20% of the iPhones, the rest of the required power coming via the manual generator.

Cranking the Reactor for one minute will allow people to use their iPhone 5 for 5 minutes, regardless if they are talking or texting. Apparently, its developers intend to create Reactors for other phones, too. Maybe if they tried their luck first with the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of the iPhone 5, they would’ve been more successful. Not at last, the manufacturers also intend to make the Reactor available outside of the US. That really does not make much of a difference, as the generator case has rather small chances of being produced at all.

This device is currently featured on Crowd Supply, where its developers hope to raise the funds necessary for mass-producing the Gridcase Reactor. A short glimpse at the numbers will give everyone an idea about how much faith people have in such a product. The backers provided $12,937 from the $350,000 goal. Even though there still are 34 days to go (at press time), I don’t see this becoming a reality anytime soon. First of all, the developers have set the goal too high and secondly, the device itself is not on the affordable side of things. The early birds will have to pay $99 to get such a case, while the ones who missed this “opportunity” will be able to get it for $129. Also, while the Gridcase Reactor would be great for mountaineers, I really can’t imagine businessmen using it.

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