Smarty Ring Can Control, Aid Your Smartphone

Eschewing the idea of smart, wearable gadgets as being a fad or gimmick, the Smarty Ring is a smart device that can actually control and aid your smartphone.

Smarty Ring image

The ‘smart’ gadget revolution is upon us but just how smart these gadgets are is much debatable. Loud and obnoxious, technology that claims to be ‘smart’ can often be a hindrance, making us wonder if the teams behind the devices are as smart as the gadgets that they’ve developed. For example, there’s little doubt that phones with touchscreens and fancily (or deliciously, in the case of Android Jellybean etc.) labelled operating systems are good at what they do, be it touchscreen functions, apps that allow for great social connectivity and games that bore holes in our free-time like a mouse and an underground slab of cheese but they are hardly practical. Difficult to keep up with all the processes as it may be, the Smarty Ring is a new smart device that aims to help with all that.

Quite obviously named, the Smarty Ring’s best feature is that it makes everything more easy to keep track of. Now that just about every app and it’s downloadable brother has push notifications, connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, the Smarty Ring will tell you exactly when another of these notices has popped up, keeping you aware with easily recognisable icons even when your eyes aren’t religiously glued to your smartphone. Of the notifications, which you can see lit up on the Smarty Ring in images above, both incoming and outgoing calls are accounted for, as well as popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook, helping even the most popular person keep track of new mentions and friend requests, respectively.

In addition to being a nifty piece of gadgetry, the Smarty Ring is also designed for the most fashion forward of early technology adopters, as it’s made with “allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel” and is, according to the creators, of “simple elegance of this piece makes it suited for both men and women, at [sic – any] occasion”. And, wanting to show off your piece of teched up bling, the Smarty Ring is also waterproof, suitable, the creators add, for swimming, meaning that this gadget is useful on land or at sea, as long as you remember to charge it with the device’s charging dock, that is.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Smarty Ring

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