14 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

After you’ve seen one or two Christmas tree in your life, you start getting bored. Luckily, the world is a bit more forgiving to those who stray from traditions these days, opening a world of new and creative idea for people who want something else from the piece of wood they put in their house to decorate.

From giving in to your geeky virtues by putting on a Pac-Man or Godzilla display, to making it look like you’ve been drinking all the beer bottles ever made – there are plenty of ways to make this holiday a lot more interesting.

The Pac-Man Tree

Pac-Man Tree

More Video Games: The 8-Bit Tree

8-Bit Tree

Exterminate – The Dalek Christmas Tree


The Godzilla Tree (It Won’t Eat Your Kids)


Neon Light Tree

Neon Light Tree

A Tree Made of Bicycles

Bicycle Tree

Christmas on a Budget – Turning a Ladder Into a Tree


True Meaning of the Holidays – The Shopping Cart Tree

Shopping Cart Tree

No Words – The Hubcap Tree

Hubcap Tree

Have Yourself a Sushi Little Christmas

Sushi Tree


Go Home, You’re Drunk – The Heineken Bottle Tree

Heineken Bottle Tree

Not Sure if Xmasy or Creepy – The Antler Tree

Antler Tree

A Tree That Traps Lobsters

Lobster Tree Trap

The Cute One – Teddy Bear Tree

Teddy Bear Tree


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