8 Super Smudgy Superheroes

In yet another entry in the endless line of alternative awesome ways of looking anew at over-done superheroes, we take a look at Kaper Kiec and his smudgy style of depicting these awesome men of comic books (and more).

Mighty Looking Batman

Blurry Batman

Makes him a little bit more like archangel, in a very dark form.

Anatomically Wrong Wolverine


His latest healing factor didn’t kick in too well.

Blurry Looking Spider-Man


Looking a little Hulky at the moment.

The Incredible Hulk

No-Mouth Incredible Hulk

How will he say “Hulk Smash!” without a mouth?

So Fast He’s Blurry Flash

The Flash

The Flash is so fast he doesn’t need to be presented in art like this.

Iron Man All Over the Place

Iron Man Blurry

Hands in a state of constant shifting.

Formidable Looking Captain America

Captain America

Looks like some image you see after inhaling the Scarecrow’s toxin.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

At least whatever he’s firing it out of his ring doesn’t sprite out all over the place.

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