SNES Bluetooth Controller for Android

There are many ways you can play SNES games on the go, but this hack makes the experience even closer to the original by adding a Bluetooth SNES controller for Android devices. The Super Nintendo is quite simply a fantastic console, and one loaded with games. Since that generation of games also was the last before the polygon revolution, the graphics are beautiful for what they are and, therefore, withstand the test of time surprisingly well. Try playing some early (or even some later) N64 or PSX titles and you’ll see how awkward they can be. By running an emulator on your Android device and using the Bluetooth SNES controller, it’s also a portable experience which feels much like playing the original console.

SNES Bluetooth Android Controller

Youtube user richdegenhardt crafted this Bluetooth controller as part of his senior design project, a great way (and maybe the only effective way) to mix homework and video games. Beyond the standard SNES controller, the other important equipment consists of a BlueSMiRF Gold Bluetooth Modem and an Arduino Pro Mini 328, along with some more generic lesser components to connect everything together. Four AA batteries power the controller and its seemingly-blinding blue LED. After a bit of finicky business binding the controller to your Android device, as seen in the video, the rest is smooth sailing. Just run your emulator and an associated game, and the controller will work just like it does on the console without any noticeable delay. The designer does note that audio was disabled in the ROM because it created some lag, but this problem may be solved by using a more powerful phone or a tablet. If desired, you can even use the SNES controller to work as a keypad for other games and apps unrelated to the SNES emulator since it serves as a generic input device for your Android phone or tablet. For more portable fun, make sure to also check out the SNES Controller for PSP; if you’d like to go a generation later, there’s also a Portable N64 Mod.

Via: The Daily What