SongPier Allows Musicians to Create Apps on iOS and Android Devices

Music bands and artists usually depend on apps to create a sort of interface on web pages through which they can interact with their fans, and also provide information about their music, tour dates, gigs, etc.

However, many of these depend on full-fledged websites that may not be easy to build and develop overnight, or one would have to have an artist page on social networking sites such as MySpace. The latest app to hit the music town is SongPier, which allows absolutely anyone who is in a band, or who is making some sort of music to develop their own apps that could be installed on phones or tablets.

Pierlane’s Songpier was released Monday and it lets musicians and band members to create web-based app for Apple iOS or Android Smartphones or tablets. SongPier works on other Smartphones too, but was specifically designed with iOS and Androd Smartphones in mind. SongPier is a web app, and thus it need not be downloaded from iTunes or Android app stores.

The neat web-based interface allows the artist to include and upload song, pictures, events, merchandise, a link to the artist’s website and a lot more than just that. The resulting page looks great in both landscape and regular mode. You could also integrate your Songpier app with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, if you wish to. In fact, SongPier lets each song be an ‘app’ in itself. Which means, if you had to give special importance to a particular song that you created, you could have a SongPier app for that and have it linked to your main homepage.

It works on HTML5 and thus allows greater interaction between creators and visitors to the app page. The best part is that the app is specifically designed for portable devices like tablets and Smartphones, so that a larger audience could be targeted. You could also take a look at the SoundHound app, Instagram iPhone app and the Dapsem Appreciation iPhone App which are all dedicated to music lovers.