Drive Safe with JustDrive

In this technology laden world one cannot escape devices like a tiny mobile phone. The world is shrinking and people are shrinking into their own worlds. Even on the go it is not surprising to see two people sitting together but both absorbed in their own phones. This habit becomes life threatening while driving. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that nearly 30 percent of all accidents result from mobile phone use.

While technology can be life threatening at times measures are also being taken to overcome these problems. One such measure has come in the name of JustDrive, a new Android app. Android has taken the mobile world by storm and every new app launched is proving to make mobile experience richer and better, and in this case safer.

The temptation or ‘need’ to use the mobile while driving may occur with anyone but JustDrive helps keep a check on it. This new app does not aim to act big brother but simply keep parents and owners informed on the texting front while driving. This is done via an email of the daily report sent out to the parties concerned. With additional costs a premium version can be purchased which will also give information regarding cell usage – speed of the car, geographical position, distance etc.

The advantage of the app is one but a very important one – safe driving which in turn means life saving. The app carries out this function in more than one way making it easy for the parent or administrator to be informed. So if a user is speeding away at over 70 kmph and at the same time texting the app will send out an alert. But if the user is in the passenger seat the app allows texting and calling.

Besides sending out alerts the app also includes geo-fencing and speed limit features. As an administrator you can set limits like disabling texting between a said period. For example parents can enable a ‘no-texting’ feature between 2am to 5am for kids who might be tempted to do so while driving late in the night. Mapping of mishaps can be done on Yahoo maps. Sorry, there are no Google maps for the moment. Another feature that is most likely to be included in future is the collision detection.

Setting it up is no big deal. All that a user is required to do is to enter the email id and password and enable the basic functions of the app. JustDrive is all set to be included in the iPhone and will soon be moving on to the Blackberry as well.

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Via: Techcrunch