Sony S2 Goes to the FCC

Sometimes it can feel like the tablet market is becoming a bit over saturated.  Since the Apple iPad was released there have been literally dozens of tablets to hit the market and most have had very little difference.

One tablet that is expected to be quite different, if for no other reason that the look and feel is different from other tablets is the Sony S2 which was announced by the company just a few months ago.  Computex has long been a way to show off your wares and while there are quite a few tablets that might be able to compete with the S2, such as the Qualcomm Dualcore but what the S2 has that no one else does, is that this particular tablet is clamshell.

Of course the really cool thing about the clamshell design is that it is actually dual screen, meaning that you really can multi-task the way that you simply cannot do on the iPad.  Now that the cat is out of the bag about Sony’s real challenge to the iPad, eyes have begun to start tracking where in development and release this particular gadget is.  That is why we now know that the S2 is currently under review at the FCC, meaning that the tablet is almost ready to hit the open market, assuming there are no snafus.

The Sony S2 was released alongside the S1 which is not a dual screen clamshell and will quickly be overshadowed if people truly see what it is the S2 can bring to the table.  Sony has said that it expects both devices to be released this fall, just in time for the Holiday season.  The Sony S2 comes complete with a WiFi b/g/n 2.4GHz receiver that also has a bluetooth hookup as well.  The 3080 mAh battery pack is certainly top of the line, but Sony has yet to say exactly what kind of run time as well as standby time it will boast.  The dual screens will both be 5.5 inch displays but the company still won’t say what kind of processor the unit will be running. The price for the S2 is also still unknown so far.