i-FlashDrive Allows File Transfer Between iPhone and PC

While the iPhone has always had a way to sync whatever files a user wanted to their PC, rarely has it been all that easy.  The steps needed in order to transfer files was never that difficult, but keeping cords around can be a bit of a pain.

There have been lots of different ways to try and find the best way to transfer files between many different devices.  The Apple iCloud might end up being the best one as long as people are feeling okay with storing their files online.  Evernote is another way people have been using to transfer text files back and forth because once you use Evernote on one of the devices, the file syncs automatically to the Evernote server.  Now Photofast has come up with a transfer device known as the i-FlashDrive that will sync all sorts of files incredibly quickly.

The i-FlashDrive works quite a bit like a regular flash drive that you plug into your PC’s USB drive.  The one big difference is that the other end of the i-Flash is actually a 30-pin dock connector that will connect directly to the iPhone.  While using the cords that come with the iPhone can certainly do the job that the i-FlashDrive does, there are some pretty useful differences.  The biggest difference is that should you know you need to transfer files from a computer onto your iPhone at different times, the i-Flash will allow you to put those files on the drive before you leave home, and then put them on the iPhone when you need them the most.

You can also very easily update the files on your iPhone at the office and then you can put the new files back on your PC when you get back home.  The i-FlashDrive won’t be available in the United States until mid-July and there are expected to be several different file size drives, from 4 GB to 32 GB with prices ranging from $95 to $180 depending on the size of the drive.  The best news is that Apple has approved this app, meaning there shouldn’t be any problem with the file transfers once you get going.