Let Space Invaders reign your Living Room

No matter how many new video games are created, the classic ones always retain their charm. They keep coming back to us in some form or the other and continuously entertain us. Not only do we enjoy playing them but also try to include them in our day to day life. And this can be in any form. One such very popular game is Space Invaders.

Many of us might have come across the Space Invaders sofa that was created in 2010. You might have felt that the single sofa needed something to go with it. Maybe a couple of armchairs that could help complete the picture? Your wishes have been granted. It may still be a prototype but the good news is that it has arrived on the scene and might be long before they go into actual production.

Dorothy, a group of like-minded people, has featured a Space Invader collection of armchairs. These alien shaped chairs are presented in various vibrant colors. If you have played the video game you must be aware of the various alien creatures and one look at these chairs will instantly transport you to that world. While playing the game you might have shot at many of these aliens using your laser gun but here the scene will be different. You would never think of destroying them but will try your best to protect them and keep them shining bright.

The couch that you came across earlier was made of foam covered with leather. The arms also had a bit of glass work on them. These armchairs are different. They are made of cut foam and are available in mono colors. All the featured chairs bear the same design but are presented in solid colors.

The Space Invader chairs not only satisfy the designer style factor but will also prove to be very comfortable. They have a very low base which will help keep legs stretched out. The foam makes for very comfortable seating. It will not be too soft and definitely not hard at all. A must have for all Space Invader fans.

The Space Invader arcade game was first released in 1978 in Japan. It soon moved over to the US and gradually the world. It is one of the earliest shooting games where the player is supposed to shoot aliens that appear row after row. The more aliens one shoots, the higher the points. These Space Invader collection armchairs are designed as aliens but are adorable ones that you might not want to part with.

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Via: Pocket Lint