TRON Furniture Designs by Corian

If you wanted to live like Kevin Flynn in the Grid, Corian has the perfect set of furniture for you.One of the scenes that surprised me the most was the beauty of Kevin Flynn’s house in TRON: Legacy. It wasn’t just the sheer size and openness of the place, but the creativity and effort put into the designs. It was awesome how the place had lit floors and the such, but the furniture and layout of the actual location made it absolutely perfect.

Milan Design Week brought DuPont and Corian out to present its latest creation, the TRON set of designs. Collaborating with a variety of designers from around the globe, Corian has crafted a futuristic set of furniture reminiscent of TRON: Legacy. Does it live up to its name?

TRON by Corian

There are two peculiar aspects to the kitchen set of furniture designed by Aquili Alberg that make it TRON-like. Firstly, the slender shapes that they take on are very futuristic due to their sleekness. They’re all very streamlined and bend in various weird ways. In fact, I don’t think that there’s much of a 90-degree bend anywhere on these pieces of furniture, besides the lights and the chairs. The lights are remarkable because they’re also shaped very nicely and in very thin streaks, which reminds me of neon lights. The lights are colored in the TRON font color.

TRON by Corian

I’m not certain how functional certain pieces are. For example, that huge bezeled attachment seems to just be there for aesthetic effect, although I’m sure that a television could be mounted and whatnot. It seems that these pieces of furniture don’t serve a dedicated purpose.

TRON Bedroom by Corian

This bedroom space by Ilaria Marelli is relatively simple, which does match the futuristic feel of the furniture. The horizontal lines make the furniture seem more complex, and separates the light at even intervals which is more than suitable for these pieces. The light also matches the TRON font, and fits very well with the kitchen set as well as the light on the white floors.

TRON Wellness by Corian

The wellness centre is a rather interesting design, because it’s not originally seen in TRON: Legacy, which means that the designers had to be much more creative. Shaping the mirrors after the TRON discs, as well as the jacuzzi, I think Marco Piva studios did a great job with this piece of work.

Corian did a pretty sweet job with these TRON furniture designs. If you liked this post, have a look at this Tronopoly game board and the Ultimate TRON watch.

Via: DesignBoom