Mac Malware Scare: Does Apple Have The Guns To Be The Sheriff?

Macs are great PCs known for having very little issues in the realms of viruses and malware. Unfortunately, another scare is upon Mac users attempting to force them to buy fake antivirus software.

While Apple had dealt with the fake Mac Defender malware which aimed to install fake antivirus software, hackers are at it again at targeting Macs and trying to take money from users by asking them to install the software after buying it. Coincedentaly, Mac Guard looks incredibly similar to Mac Defender. I assume the developers of the malware just became entirely too lazy.

Users must be advised to not install this software or click anything offering it. The software will open up a web page, that will look like a warning screen in OS X, which “warns” users that they must install the antivirus software in order to remove trojans. If the users has Safari’s “Open safe files after downloading” option enabled, the installation will start automatically, though the installation can still be stopped at this point. One it is installed though, the software will show fake threat warnings and open pornographic websites, just as it’s predecessor, Mac Defender, did.

Apple’s support page has said that “This is a single security threat, and we can handle it,” and will be rolling out a solution to the problem in an upcoming patch. One can only hope that Apple finds a solution to permanently solve this issue, showing their true guns as programmers, innovators, and creators. Many others will surely attempt these scams, so let’s hope that Apple does show it’s Sheriff status on the beloved Mac, removing the frustration of users who become tired of these attempts by hackers. My best advice is to go find a free antivirus software, such as iAntiVirus (free), or purchase Avast ($40/year) and install it to help preemptively protect your computer from any harm.

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Via: PCWorld