Space Invaders Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

Many geeks believe in wearing accessories that would help other geeks in recognizing which video game or superhero character they are fans of. Thus, geek-chic accessories are not a new concept and are a great and fun way to extend one’s personality to what one wears.

These Space Invaders Heart Cameos on necklaces and pendants are a great way to tell the world that you are a huge fan of all things that belong to the Land of Rapture. These necklaces can make perfect gifts to your loved ones and dates, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The characters from Space Invaders are carefully inscribed on the pendant and when you look at the characters carefully, they form the pattern of a heart. If you are not a fan of Space Invaders, you could also go ahead and get Doctor Who, R2-D2 or Portal necklaces which look just as cool and chic as these Space Invaders necklaces.

The most attractive feature about these necklaces is that they are very minimalist and would look good with everyday wear. Of course, you wouldn’t want to turn up at work wearing these, as they may not be formal wear. Nevertheless, if you are planning to go ahead and grab a cup of coffee with your friend, you might wear one of these necklaces and make a statement about being a hardcore geek. Alternatively, you could choose to give these necklaces to anyone who is close to you. Usually people believe that geek-chic is not classy and they can’t make for elegant evening wear.

If you looked around, you would be spoiled for choice as there are several cool gift items that you could purchase for Valentine’s Day. Cation Deisgns have proved that geeky dresses can be just as elegant with this lovely Star Wars Dress. The Cufflinks with Wi-Fi Hotspot are great gifts to men who love classy but geeky stuff.