Windows 8 Watch Phone Concept That Is Dick Tracy-Worthy

Not many watch phones would get to be worn by Dick Tracy, but the concept presented below, which runs on Windows 8, has some potential for this task.

According to Mithun Darji, the designer of this concept, the watch phone runs on Windows 7. Judging by the user interface tiles that can be seen in the following pictures, one would rather conclude that the concept is based either on Windows Phone 7 or on Windows 8, which has a similar user interface, called Metro.

The case of the phone watch features an unusually great number of buttons. The ones positioned above the displayed are multimedia buttons that will allow you to pause, play, stop, fast forward or rewind your favorite songs. On the right side of the display there is a slot where the bluetooth earpiece goes when you are not using it. However, the phone had better include a port for 3.5 mm jacks or even better, A2DP, so that music can be streamed to stereo bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth earpiece that comes with the phone watch probably includes a magnet that helps it stay in place when not used. The integration of the bluetooth earpiece is a great idea, since many people tend to misplace these accessories. That is, in case they do not lose them completely.

Below the display are 4 other buttons: two of them are used for answering or ending calls, one for launching the web browser and one that looks like a Back button, even though its function has not been confirmed. On the left side, two hardware buttons (probably the only ones of the phone watch) help users increase or decrease the volume. Mithun Darji claims that the design is inspired from the Matrix trilogy, but I do not see any similarities, whatsoever. If phone manufacturers decide to pick up this concept and put some decent hardware inside the fashionable case, the phone watch could actually become a great accessory. The idea of making a phone watch is far from being new, but seeing some variations every now and then is surely a good thing.

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