Manneken Pis Headphone Plugs

If you worried a lot about lint gathering in your headphone plugs, you could one of these little guys to do their business and protect your phone from attracting dust.

These headphone plugs seem to be inspired by the famous Manneken Pis statue in Belgium. Mannekin Pis is a fountain in a famous square, in the shape of a little boy who urinates. The plugs come in white, gold, silver and black and it would be great to buy these little headphone plugs and annoy all your friends. The plugs are available only at Strapya’s Japanese site for a price of $5 each. However, their international website does not list the product, which means it may not be avaialble if you planned to buy it. Nevertheless, you could keep a watch and try if they make it available of their international store as well.

There is something really bizarre about Japanese gadgets, as they can manage to create some of the silliest and weirdest products ever, and yet manage to be ahead of everyone else when it comes to technology. Perhaps wall that serious technology and science forces Japanese people to unwind a little bit and these silly gadgets are their way of letting their hair down. In this case, these headphone plugs literally let down their fluids in order to create a little humor amidst all the serious technological advances.

If you were looking for something similar and silly, you could take a look at the Pee Wee and Chairry Crochet Replicas. The Samurai Armor Underwear not only is silly, but is pretty bizarre as well. I am sure nobody wants to be seen wearing underwear like that, especially if they plan to get busy with the fizzy after an elegant date. Meanwhile, those who are into Mannekin Pis can wait for Strapya to sell these headphone plugs to foreigners as well.