Experience Spider-Man in the Bathroom

How crazy can you get about a comic book character? What is the point in which you say it’s gone too far? Is decorating your bathroom so it’ll unmistakably look like a Spider-Man booth at some fantasy convention going too far? Probably not, if you’re a huge fan of Peter Parker.

Riley Replicas made this amazing bathroom design for a wife who wanted to make her husband’s visits to the toilet more than just sitting and reading the paper while waiting to be done with his business. Now he can watch hands coming out of the wall, see figures on shelves above his head and simply be embraced by the red and blue of the Spider-Man bathroom.

Villains Coming Out of the Wall

Nothing like having villains bursting out of your wall. Be it the Lizard keeping an eye on you, Doc Oc’s metallic tentacles swerving about or the Sandman simply punching his way through the wall, leaving bricks and sand on the floor, maybe making you hurry up while you finish your business in there.

If you’re looking to spice up your life while visiting the bathroom, Spider-Man isn’t the only way to go. There are enough geeky ideas, concepts and decorations to last you a life time of changing the most important room in the house every now and then, just to keep things interesting.