French Fast Food Chain Offers Dark Side/Light Side Burgers

Fast-food chains promoting tie-ins with blockbuster movies is nothing new, but the French chain Quick has put a très cool spin on the concept by offering light and dark side burgers.

Quick has come out with the burgers in celebration of the the 3-D re-release of “Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace.” The Jedi burger seems fairly standard, with two patties, cheese, onions, and sauce. The Sith burger features a disconcertingly black bun (which appears to be due to creative use of food coloring). It’s a neat touch that hopefully tastes better than it looks. It’s called the “Dark Vador” burger, because that’s what he’s apparently called in French. It’s just like the Quarter Pounder with cheese being called the “Royale with cheese” over there.

"Star Wars" burgers

Yes, there is such a thing as fast food in Francee, despite the country’s reputation for epic culinary wins. Buns aside, the burgers actually look pretty good. I didn’t actually eat much beef in the country when I was over there, because the “Mad Cow Disease” scare was still in full swing, but I suspect even their fast food taste awesome. Still, one figures the French would come up with a more imaginative name for a burger chain then “Quick.”

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