The Kids Sports Chair Collection Chair and Ottoman For Sports Fanatics

Doing up a child’s bedroom can always be tricky, and one should always strive for a dynamic space that is both fun and functional. Since, every child is unique and has their own tastes and hobbies, it is prudent to incorporate their interests in the decor. So if your tween is a musical prodigy, going the sporty way would be a folly, to say the least. Also, parents usually fall in the cliched decor schemes; hence, a girl’s room tends to be usually nauseatingly pink and Barbie inspired and a boy’s room is always in a shade of blue with some obvious sporty references.



The key is to take the middle path and showcase your child’s interests through soft furnishings and furniture, rather than renovating the entire room! So, if your child eats, breath and sleeps sports, then buying something like the Kids Sports Chair Collection Chair and Ottoman, which  is a great way to showcase their passion.

Available on Amazon, the Kids Sports Chair Collection Chair and Ottoman are a subtle way (or not) to expose your child to the wonderful world of sports. The furniture collection is available in a plethora of avatars, and you come across football, baseball, soccer, and basketball versions. The furniture collection has an undeniable athletic appeal and will infuse energy into any given space.

Measuring 26 x 24.8 x 19.5 inches, some of the highlights of the Kids Sports Chair Collection Chair and Ottoman are; its ergonomic shapely round arms, the attached padded seat  and the comfortable cushioned seat, which all make it ideal for a child’s bedroom or even playroom.

Other specs are:


Lg. Chair: 33.00″ L x 34.00″ W x 26.50″ H

Sm. Chair: 26.00″ L x 25.00″ W x 20.00″ H

Ottoman: 18.00″ L x 18.00″ W x 15.50″ H

Total Weight: 70.26 lbs.


The Kids Sports Chair Collection Chair and Ottoman looks quite comfortable and is an imaginative take on children furniture, without appearing tacky. Boasting of a solid construction and made of quality materials, the collection will be a hit with children of all ages.

So if you want to encourage your child to be more sporty, or if your child is already a sports fanatic, then head over to Amazon, to purchase a set. Since, the generous folks of Amazon are offering a mammoth 80% discount (you save $440), we advise you to order it before stock  finishes.