True Nerd Style: 24 Funky and Bizarre Chairs

In an era where we spend more than half a day in front of the computer, the chair that we sit on has become more important than we can imagine. A comfortable chair is not enough. We need a chair that fits our style and serves our various geeky purposes. 24 funky and bizarre chairs in the list below are exactly what you need to put in your room or office to show off your true nerd style.

Sonic Chair


Via: Sonic Chair

The Sonic chair is an innovative chair that doubles as a body-fit sound system with an open design for a highly resonant sound environment. It features a large body-focused sound membrane as backrest. The design also comes with a pivoted sidetable which works either as place to put your drink or an iPod docking station.

Cave Bookshelf


Via: Eva Designs

Designed by Sakura Adachi, the Cave Bookshelf is an amazing bookshelf cum chair design that will satisfy the most picky bookworm. The cavernous cushioned chair inside makes you feel like you are reading in an secluded cave, surrounded by your beloved books and books only.

Multipurpose Puppo Chair


Via: GadgetHer

It’s 21st century and nothing is cool enough until it has several purposes. Mladen Milosevic and Vuk Dragovik hit straight to the point with his multipurpose Puppo chair design. It is a compact form of a chair which can be converted into a table, footrest and also storage space.



Via: Ufukkeskin

Designed by an artist called Ufuk Keskin, the sheetseat is no less strange than its creator’s name. It is a folding chair cut from a single sheet of plywood with a thickness of 3/4″ when collapsed, making it possible for storage and transportation in even the tightest of spaces.

Crazy Chair


Via: The Design Blog

Eric MacDonald’s crazy chair design successfully convinced the judges at 2008 Wilsonart Chair Competition to be the winner of that year with creativity and a bit of mystery. It’s a myth how we are supposed to sit comfortably on those segmented seat, back and arm rests.

Alien Chair


Via: Born Rich

Skillfully handcrafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components, each piece of Alien furniture is a piece of art: crazy, horrifying, yet functional. Other than Alien chairs, there are also Alien tables and Alien bar stools for your alien mania.

Octopus Chair


Via: Walyou

Designed by Maximo Riera, the octopus chair is a huge black octopus with its head converted into a chair and tentacles sprawling across the floor. From the front, the chair looks just like any fancy chair, giving the innocent beholder no idea of what is really going behind.

Perfect Care Chair


Via: GadgetHim

Available at a whooping $6500, this whimsical looking chair is boasted to give you perfect care you can find in no other product. The chair frame is completely made of steel and aluminum, with added chrome to give that extra edge of classiness over the rest in its class.

GymGym Desk Chair


Via: Walyou

To save the office executives from the risk of an inactive lifestyle,  Adam Ben-David came up with the concept of the GymGym chair which promises to give the much needed workout to every executive. The ergonomic chair has four different exercise stations, guaranteeing to tone every body part while you are still in your office.

Surf Chair Work Station


Via: Born Rich

Designed by Kenneth Lylover for the ‘Internet Collection’ competition at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair, the Surf Chair is stocked with numerous pillows to support every part of body, giving you the ultimate comfort and relaxation to surf the Internet.

Brobdingnagian Sports Chair


Via: Walyou

There are chairs for you to sit on and work, there are chairs for you to surf Internet and of course there are chairs for you to do sports outside. The Brobdingnagian sports chair is a massive and comfortable outdoor chair that can hold up to 400 lbs (about 180kg), equivalent to the weight of two normal adults.

Disco Chair


Via: GadgetHer

Made up of 200 meters of electroluminescent wire of different colors, Kiwi & Pom’s Disco Chair looks like a neon rainbow when the power is on. The pulse setting makes the lighting flash on and off to create an instant disco effect.

Chopstick Chair


Via: Walyou

Using 8,000 chopsticks and an amazing creativity, German-based designer Yuya Ushida‘s created a beautiful sofar that can sustain up to 210 kg (about 463 lbs). SOFA_XXXX, as it is called, is expandable. It can be used in its compact form as a single-person chair or extended to about three times its length to accommodate more people.

Fork Spoon Chair


Via: Spellbound Statues

In another attempt to turn dinnerware into furniture, somebody has morphed a spoon and fork into a strange piece of furniture. The Fork Chair is available at a whooping $899.

Oven Lounge Chair


Via: Walyou

The owner of the WayOutHere shop on Etsy has made a kickass project for his design school when he created a really comfortable lounge chair out of an used oven. The stove-top is removable and usable as an ottoman; the oven door opens to create the main lounge seat and the bottom drawer can be pulled out to add stability to the seat.

Clutch Chair


Via: Scott Jarvie

The straws are not as weak as they seem. When grouped together, they transform into a primitive spot light in the form of a sturdy chair. Made from 10,000 drinking straws, the Clutch Chair is an exploratory research piece that passes comment on our disposable culture. The reflective inner surface of the straw transmits the light in a directional manner and creates a jewelesque effect.

Eudora Fiberglass Chair


Via: GadgetHer

One of the most glamorous chair designs, Eudora comes with a magnificent aura to create a surreal environment thanks to its illumination from within. Divinity doesn’t come cheap, each handcrafted Eudora chair is available at $2,949.

Coffee Bench


Via: GadgetHer

The Coffee Bench design of Polish-based Beyond Standards is so simple that it will make you bang your head why you have never thought of it before. Consisting of a bunch of rotating slivers, the bench can be used in different to best serve your purposes.

Quirk Chair


Via: Furnicraft

Designed by Lawrence Kwok, the Quirk chair prototype has bright colors and a quirky shape, perfect for kids to play around it.

Childrens Paper Chair


Via: Charlotte Friis

To make people aware of the excessive use of trees to make toilet paper, Charlotte Friis Design Studio has designed a fun chair in the shape of a toilet paper roll. The Chair is made with drawing paper, as the paper is being “drawn upon”, the size of the front cylinder increases or decreases depending on the child’s size.

Paper Darwin Chair


Via: GadgetHer

Made of simple swinging structure and 200 printed sheets of Tyvek, the Darwin Chair is recyclable, light weight and durable. With an extremely minimalist structure, the design comes with nearly 200 cover design pages to best suit your decoration. All you have to do is to flip over the paper to reveal  a new intricate pattern.

Eco Ball Garden Chair


Via: Inhabitat

Krejci’s Eco Ball Garden Chair is a chair that doubles as a garden! Playfully called ‘Let’s Grow Some Balls!’ chair, the chair comes with a planter to bring the nature as close to you as possible.

Armchair Paradise


Via: Networking Audio and Video

Armchair Paradise is a crazy chair design that can envelope you to let you rest your weary bones after a long day and listen to some tunes in complete isolation thanks to an advanced built-in sound system, just like the one you saw in Woody Allen’s movie Sleeper.

Purposefulness of Shadow Chair


Via: Walyou

If you look at the photo, there is nothing unusual about the Purposefulness of Shadow chair except the fact that the shadow is actually 3D. As the undisputed king of both visual appeal and usefulness, the shadow can be used to hide your coat, bag or other accessories in the gap between the shadow and the chair.