Indie Game Music Bundle 2 Available Now

Get a whole lot of cool music from your favorite indie games for a wee little price, with the second Indie Game Music Bundle going on right now.

Indie Game Music Bundle Image

You got six days and counting – possibly even less by the time this story gets posted – to get on one of the best deals ever! Well okay, just for this week. As we speak the second Indie Game Music Bundle is happening, an online charity for the American Cancer Society and Child’s Play that features superb soundtracks from a choice round of up indie games.

If you’re wondering why they call it a “bundle” though, well just like its game specific counterpart (hint, hint: The Indie Humble Bundle), for any price – be it a crisp one dollar bill or more – you can get five soundtracks for that single contribution. And douse those worries audiophiles, each album comes DRM-free at 320 kbps in MP3 form that can be played on any computer or music device – heck dust out your Zune for the occasion, it’ll work on that too!

This time around the Indie Game Music Bundle serves up awesome albums from these indie games, perhaps you’ve heard of them: Aquaria, Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP, To the Moon, Jamestown, and Machinarium. Having only heard the game’s music in full, but never actually played it myself – yes, I’m a bad person, a bad person without an iPad –  I would so jump on Sword & Sworcery EP, because it’s that good people and your ears deserve to hear its glorious electro-chiptune combined melodies. It’s magical.

“Bu, bu, bu, Bernie? Why would I ever want to pay more than $1 for this awesome collection of indie game soundtracks.” Because if you do my friends, you also receive a treasure trove – about twelve plus or so – of other indie game albums for free. Holy mackerel, that’s great! Oh and they’re not slouch picks either – unless you count the soundtracks to Shatter or Cat Astro Phi as slouch picks, which if that’s the case, then you’re no friend of mine pal.

Whatever you end up giving, be it firmly known that you’re helping out a good cause while getting some fantastic music in return. I believe that’s a textbook “win-win situation,” if I do say so myself – so get it at! After that, return to Walyou and learn about the 8-Bit Subway Station in Stockholm, Sweden, and Super Mario Crossover 2.0: Mario Reloaded.