Stained Glass Windows Inspired by Geeky Characters

One of the best ways to tell the world that you love certain pop culture icons is to make sure that you decorate your house using art inspired by the very same characters.

With that in mind, you might want to take a look at these beautiful stained glass creations that are inspired by popular video game and comic characters.

These stained glass creations can be used to decorate a house in a geeky way and will certainly be popular with individuals who like Super Mario, Wonder Woman, Plants and Zombies and the like. Judith Mascolo at Nerd Glass makes sure that her fans come back to the store time and again thanks to all the different stained glass creations she offers for sale.

On a serious note, Judith became interested in stained glass after her husband passed away and used creativity as a way to handle her grief. As her son is a video game enthusiast, it was only natural for her to create art work that represented geek culture.

Judith is one of the most talented stained glass artists that we have ever come across and she will surely achieve a lot of success in her life. You could also go ahead and take a look at Super Mario Stained Glass Mushroom and Minecraft Stained Glass Window that we had featured earlier.