Classy Geek Star Trek Cufflinks

Not many people wear cuff-links nowadays, so when the occasion calls for it, it’s best to show some personality. There’s no better way to make a statement than with Star Trek.

Star Trek Cuff Links

For all the Star Trek lovers out there, dressing up doesn’t mean keeping the inner fanboy hidden. These cufflinks by ThinkGeek are a great addition to any guy’s special occasion wardrobe. The officially licensed Star Trek links come in two styles: the more subtle Delta Shield communicator badge and the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (the ship from the original Star Trek series). Both are made from enamel and rhodium-plated silver and will cost a pretty penny – 6,499 pennies in fact (or $64.99). If the accessories aren’t enough, the links come in a lovely Star Trek branded purple box with velvet interior for an even better collectible.

Star Trek Cuff Links Box

While great for the hardcore Trekkie fan that want to flaunt their fandom, for the moderate fan, this would be great for occasions where there are other Trekkies or understanding companions. Star Trek is not necessarily the most obvious choice for formal black tie events, and the Enterprise cuff links might be a bit too gaudy for sophisticated parties. Even the more sleek communicator badge will raise some eyebrows. Both cuff links would benefit from a smaller design as well as an all silver plating and etching rather than adding color. It can still be officially Star Trek, just a little less so.

As proven by these cuff links, Star Trek has move beyond a simple TV show and become  a recognizable and even fashionable icon. The silver plating on both designs give it a nice polish and the choice of two designs allows for the option of stylish or fanboy-ish. Despite this, these cuff links aren’t great for very formal events, although who knows, it might make a great conversation starter, “Hey is that the U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701? The NCC-1701-D is way better.”

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Via: ThinkGeek