The Etch A Sketch iPhone Case

It’s a toy, it’s an Etch A Sketch, it’s an … iPhone case! Yes, all you geeks out there, your favorite toy from yesteryear is back and this time around it makes a fabulous iPhone case. Ohio Art Company gives you the Etch A Sketch iPhone case!

Etch A Sketch iPhone Case 1

The Etch A Sketch was surely an important part of your childhood if you were a kid in the 60s, 70s or the 80s. This red mechanical drawing toy had a great impact on little kids. It used to be magical for us seeing lines appear out of nowhere on the screen back then! I remember going to my friend’s house especially to play on his Etch A Sketch. What epic times those were!

Then recently this brilliant Etch A Sketch iPhone case came out and with it, all those great times were back in a jiffy. This case looks exactly like the original Etch A Sketch toy because it was manufactured by the same people behind the classic drawing toy. The best thing about this case is that, you can also run the Etch A Sketch app with your phone concealed in this Etch A Sketch case making it a miniature version of the game itself.

Etch A Sketch iPhone Case 2

With this brilliant Etch A Sketch case on, your phone will look ultra-cool and not more than a few intelligent geeks as yourself would know that it’s not the child’s toy but is keeping your iPhone safe and secure! This case is available at $24.99.

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