18 Awesome Globe Design Mods

We all know that we won’t be considered knowledgeable worldly class citizens until we have a globe sitting on your desk. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put up with boring old schooled globes. 18 awesome globe designs and mods below are up for your preference.

Magic Spinning Globe


It’s real magic! When you hold this magic globe, measuring 4.5 inches in diameter, in your hands, the continents will immediately stay upright with the North on top. And when you hold the globe up to the light, it will automatically rotate from west to east.

Floating Lighted Globe


Measured at 4” in diameter, floating lighted globe uses electromagnetic power to float gracefully in mid-air.  In low light, the LEDs shine up to create a beautiful translucent blue glow just like you are looking at it from the moon.

Levitating Globe


Image Source: Yanko Design

Another globe that defies gravity, designer Cram’s globe levitates thanks to a built-in computer chip at the base of the unit that constantly keeps adjusting to atmospheric changes. With a US 120V power supply, the globe spins beautifully even when levitating.

City Lights Globe


Image Source: Gizmag

The City Light Globe is a 6″ revolving globe that shows you our beautiful Earth in both sunlight and city lights as each country falls into the dark. As it slowly rotates, various cities begin to illuminate to create a heavenly view as seen from outer space.

Star Wars Jedi Training Globe

[Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS6HEe4LavM]

If you are a crazy about Star Wars and fascinated by Jedi’s training globe that floated around, we have good news for you. You can make one on your own  just like Phillip Torrone did. He took a normal floating globe and made it look like it’s straight out  of Jedi collection.

Alice’s Celestial Globe


Image Source: Saints and Spinners

Alice’s Celestial Globe, made by Greaves and Thomas, is an illusory map of many known constellations in correspondence with John Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Thought the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

Globe Computer Mod


Image Source: Desktopped

Dubbed as Terra, this glamorously transparent globe is the first iteration of the mod that showcases Nvidia’s Hybrid SLI technology.

Steampunk Globe


Image Source: johnmknight

The steampunk globe is something so cool that any esteemed pirate would die for. Created by John Knight, the globe has RFID tags attached to the surface that allows Knight to control Google Earth on an iPad to provide a more detailed view of a chosen area.

Blue LED Globe Aquarium


Image Source: DeClubz

75% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water which makes it a perfect choice for an aquarium. The globe aquarium is a modern 1/2 gallon fish tank that can transform into a glowing earth under blue LED light.

Geografia Earth’s Axis


Image Source: Spoon and Tamago

Designed by Drill Design, earth’s axis or 23.4 degrees replicates the exact tilt of the earth’s axis. The continents rise up above the bodies of water using a Patented 3D printing technology.

3D Jigsaw Globe


Image Source: mainepuzzles

3D jigsaw globe is a revolutionary 3D jigsaw puzzle that will let you learn geography in a fun way.  The traditional jigsaw pieces  can be assembled into a free standing sphere.

Bar Globe


Image Source: GadgetHim

The globe opens up at the equator to reveal a wonderful collection of drinks and ample space for your glasses. The surface displays 16th Century nautical maps that add a classic touch to the luxurious movable bar.

World Globe Liquor Dispenser


Image Source: 7 Gadgets

The world globe liquor dispenser is a well polished, silver-plated dispenser that lets you enjoy your worldly class drink in style.

Apple Globe


Image Source: Ctrl Alt Deviant’s Cache

Next time you have an apple, bite it slowly to see if you can make anything cool out of it like what geeky artist Kevin Van Aelst did with this apple.

Digital Globe World Map


Image Source: InterArtCenter

This is a cool 3D digital globe rendered by 3D Studio Max. It comes with other world maps for free.

Electrified Earth


Image Source: JillKingStudio

Created as part of Cool Globes project to raise global warming awareness, electrified Earth is made of colored sand and glow-in-the-dark sand on 5′ prefabricated fiberglass globe.

Earth Globe Backpack


The Earth backpack might not be practical for hardcore travelers who spend a lot of time jostling on buses or trains, but it’s a wonderful way to show your support to environmental effort.

Globe Design Watch


Image Source: Coolest Gadgets and Gizmos

Spherical watch Eris is a stylish watch inspired by planetary system. It features two floating hands revolving around the equator to show the hour and minute. You can wear it around your neck, put it on your desk or use it as a pocket watch.