Star Trek Hotel Room Provides Accommodation for Wealthy Trekkies

Sheraton Hotel in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was picked by Paramount Pictures to host trekkies in a suite built as part of the Star Trek Into Darkness promotional efforts.

While the luckiest of us have the chance to live permanently in a Star Trek apartment, others want at least their temporary homes to have a geeky touch. The following hotel room is synonym to trekkie extravaganza, as the suite could not have looked better.

After watching the first Star Trek reboot and seeing how disappointing that was, I dismissed its sequel immediately. More recently, Steven Moffat’s Sherlock has convinced me that Benedict Cumberbatch is a very talented actor, so now I’m willing to give Star Trek Into Darkness a chance, despite the fact that the reviewers have mixed feelings about this one, too.

The interior design of this hotel room is nothing shorter of stunning. The walls feature stars and the schematics of USS Enterprise, while the pillows come with the logo of the United Federation of Planets. In fact, that logo is used pretty much everywhere, and even on the glass of the shower cabin.

According to the designers, the look of the starry walls was achieved with the help of seven thousand crystals. The colors and the effects of the LED lights can be changed via a remote control to suit the needs of the trekkies who’ll spend the night here.

Ever wanted to stay inside a room and feel like traveling through deep space, at the same time? Apparently, this was exactly the intention of Pedro Luis Scalise, the architect who designed the interior of this room.

The trekkies who are willing to spend a night in this room will be able to do so starting next month for $670. The price for couples is far more convenient, so you might want to make sure that your girlfriend or spouse is also a trekkie. In this case, you will only have to pay $715. Of course, to that you will have to add the plane ticket to Sao Paolo, the food and anything else you might need.

The price includes breakfast and tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness. The boots seen above can be purchased for $1,500, and the wealthiest trekkies might want to get the white gold Federation/Starfleet ring for $10,000. Considering that the ring has sapphires and diamonds besides the Federation logo, it might actually be a bargain!

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