British airway cans sticky luggage tags, shows us the future

If you’ve ever taken a flight anywhere, you already know how utterly horrible sticky luggage tags are. Well, worry no longer, British airways is on the case.


Say goodbye to ripping off flimsily glued tags on your luggage, au revoir to the hours of scraping the horrible glue they leave behind and best of all, less wasted paper and ink. British airways is trialling some new and awesome looking electronic tags, that allow you to check your luggage in and keep your luggage updated through multiple flights. With a battery life that’s going on five years, these could severely change the way we handle our luggage in airports in the coming future.

At check-in, you can hold down a smartphone provided by the airline to sync your luggage data to your ticket, and the little display panel on the tag will change with all the relevant information and barcode pertaining to your flight information. Simple, efficient and best of all, no residue anywhere. With all the procedures for checking in luggage being cut out of the way, this comes as an enormous blessing for frequent flyers, and a definite plus for the staff who would need to fumble around to find the paper tag and scan it (god knows ink is unreliable when it comes to scanning stickers). No paper, no problem!


All that remains to be seen now is whether or not other flight agencies will pick up on these tags and start circulating them. The future may be in murky waters for the world of frequent flyers, but those hitting up British Airways right now can find some solace in having their lives made just a little bit more comfortable.

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Source: The Daily Mail