Divorce May Take Star Trek Apartment Away

Tony Alleyne, the Brit who designed his apartment to look just like Starship Enterprise, might lose it in divorce proceedings.

There have been rumors recently that Tony Alleyne sold his Star Trek apartment on eBay. According to these rumors, he asked between £50K and £130K, but got more than he expected, respectively £425K. The truth seems to be quite far from that. The trekkie who redesigned his flat to resemble one of Star Trek‘s most emblematic starships, is currently going through divorce and might lose the apartment, as it turns out that the wife is the owner.

When Tony Alleyne started redesigning his apartment, he declared: “Most people thought I was barmy. (…) I mean, you could go spend the time down the pub or in a nightclub or whatever … I decided to live in a spaceship.” At that time, he also mentioned on his website that the sci-fi genre got him hooked ever since he was 11. His long love for this genre certainly materialized into something beautiful.

The problem is that his ex does not even want to keep the flat, fact that could have been a cruel act of revenge. Instead, she intends to sell it as “a conventional dwelling”. We have to admit that not many of us get so excited about the things we enjoy that we want to turn our entire environments into something inspired from them. In these conditions, this trekkies grief is totally understandable. As he declared for British tabloid The Sun, “To say I’m gutted is an understatement. It is my life’s work. I admit there were tears.”

Not getting married in the first place would have been the solution to many problems, not just in Tony Alleyne’s case, but in general. The trekkie reckons that starting this project from scratch again would not only take him a lot of time, but also a lot of money. While the initial apartment redesign has been estimated at around £30K (approximately $47K), Tony Alleyne is rather sure that making it again would cost somewhere around $150K.

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