Papercraft Star Trek Short: The Wrath of Khan

Names like William Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, James Doohan and Ricardo Montalban will probably be familiar to you if you are a fan of the Star Trek original franchise. More specifically so if you are familiar with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. However you look at it, this movie was a classic, and famous moments from it have been parodied since the movie came out. In a recent “Done in 60 Seconds” contest, an entry was submitted by Mawgan for this very movie.


This 60 second short is definitely well done as the animation and visuals are stunning and very well done for someone on a very small budget. The thing about this version that makes it remarkable is the design. Especially since this is made completely out of paper craft.


Basically, the characters are played by paper puppets and the special effects are very cartoon-ish, but the overall impact is still present as nerds and Star Trek fans can enjoy every moment of it.


The images are pretty funny and absolutely adorable and the details are pretty good for paper craft. The space scenes are very well done and without zooming in, it’s hard to tell whether it’s footage from the series or if it’s just more paper craft. The voice acting is pretty adorable too.


The animation is remarkable throughout the entire movie, but the key point where animation hits its heights for this short film is where the bug crawls into Kirk’s ear. The short film does a really good job paying tribute to the original movie in under a minute, and is definitely a notable piece of filmography.


There’s no word on how the contest results turned out, but this film definitely should have won something. You can watch the full thing below, and read more about it at Topless Robot.


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